Our best barometer

It’s easy to praise, recognize, and even promote our staff because they earn every accolade that they get. As a result, you and your employees get to reap the benefits of exemplary service delivered with a great attitude. Our turnover is low because we treat our employees like family and they share that family spirit with our guests.

The business dining setting allows us to serve you on a daily basis, often for breakfast and lunch! As a result, we anticipate your needs, know your likes and dislikes, and maybe even inject a little fun in to your day. Although we follow standard operating procedures, nothing trumps an employee’s keen eye to meet and exceed the expectations of our customer. We empower our staff to make decisions that will positively impact the business, and make the customer’s dining experience memorable.

Our customers are our best barometer to know if we have pulled together the right team for your business culture. So far we are batting 100%. How do we know? We ask probing questions, listen and react to the answers, and make sure that every single employee is courteous, professional, and doing their part to make someone’s day a bit better, even if it’s one bite at a time!