Sustainable Purchasing

Let’s get on the same page! What does “sustainable” purchasing mean to us?

Our initiative is focused on embracing products that are healthy for our environment. We will use terms such as, organic, free-range, natural, and watch-listed. If you see our product listed as “organic” that means it meets the USDA guidelines for 95% organic. If we list the product as “natural” it means that NO hormones or antibiotics were used. If we list the product as “free-range” we’re following the FSIS guidelines that the poultry product was given access to the outside (not caged) during its life-cycle. And finally, if you see “watch-listed” we are following the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Best Choice product list. Further details of these terms will be posted in the cafe areas.


Thinking Outside the Box

As part of our corporate mission, Cornucopia is committed to providing our clients with a level of quality & creativity that is unmatched in our industry. Throughout this initiative we will be reviewing every recipe and cafe point-of-service with the goal of creating new menu selections that not only incorporate sustainable ingredients, but are also healthy and delicious. Our “Just Grillin” menu with 6 signature “sustainable” selections, like the Grilled Tilapia Italiano, launched in 2009.

Local Products & Vendors

Cornucopia is continually seeking local vendors. We have had multiple site-tours throughout Pennsylvania and Jersey farms. Once we identify our vendor team we post a list of these purveyors in our cafes.

Criteria for Our Vendors

  1. Quality of product and availability.
  2. Meets at least one of our “sustainable” standards.
  3. Meets necessary USDA & local B.O.H. requirements.
  4. Vendor can manage the volume demands for the campus & must maintain a reasonable delivery schedule.
  5. Price of product is appropriate for our cafe industry.

Our Commitment to YOU

We will diligently seek opportunities to purchase “sustainable” products that can be infused into your daily cafe selections. We will remain committed to giving local farmers market and vendors opportunities to join your campus initiative. We will continue to utilize every resource available to educate our staff and management team on “sustainable” practices, as we are committed to be the best food service company our clients could partner with.